Why You’re Not Getting More Local Customers

New local customers are hard to come by and for the large majority of local businesses, there are three main reasons that you’re not getting local traffic:

#1 Can't Find Your Products or Service – does your products, or services appear in Google Search Map Pack?

#2 Wrong Audience – you’re not connecting with qualified local customers.

#3 Trust Signals – your lack of 5 star reviews.

What Can I Do to reach more local customers? Local Search Engine Optimization (Local-SEO) alone can't guarentee that you will rank in the map pack, with only (3) spots available local businesses are all fighting for this position. Using our Google map marketing service will give you immediate map pack rankings. We combine location pages, local backlinks, paid map ads, and GMB Optimization to create a Hybrid Local SEO solution. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Google has a set of GMB best practices that we utilize to improve your local search presence. That’s right! If you follow the standards put in place by Google and refer traffic to your local business listing, and do it right, you will be rewarded and you might even see an increase in free traffic to go along with your well-groomed online Google My Business Listing!

How Can SEO Brain Marketing help? I have been in the Digital marketing industry for over 20 years, and offered local seo services to numerous Fortune 1000 companies and hundreds of local retailers; achieving outstanding results for each. As you well know by now, time is money and vice versa. I appreciate that some people have more of one than the other, which is why I offer an easy to follow model to use with our proprietary citation software for those who want to go it alone and for those who want to make sure that it’s done right, we offer a 100% hands-free local seo solution and do it in-house for your convenience.

Hybrid Local SEO

A different local marketing approach with Proximity considers how far the search result is from the location the term used. Google calculates the distance based on what they know about user location.Proximity Ranking as a key factor. SEO Brain Marketing can offer immediate traffic from Google maps, and long term local organic traffic. If you need more calls, or foot traffic to your local business click here to order now! below are some of the features the Hybrid Local SEO service offers.

GMB Optimization

Besides ensuring your Google My Business page is complete, there are 9 GMB Page HacksOptimizing these Google My Business settings for higher ranking on Google Maps. did you miss anything?

Local Citations

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business.Local citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.

Weekly GMB Post

Create Local Optimized Google My Business PostGoogle now lets you add free posts directly to your business listing on Google Search and Maps... Bring in more customers by sharing your latest offers, promotions and news.

Local Map-Ads

Be number one in the local map packlocal search in your area, and a listing of three local businesses in that category appeared at the top of the searches, of course after the ads., why wait weeks or months to rank, instant traffic for your local business.


Analyze your GMB data even closer by combining all your listings information, into one dashboardView your engagement with local customers across Google Search and Maps.

Boost Local Citations

Local citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. We can get you hyper local citations, boosting your map rankings. We have an exclusive service to increase the traffic and links to your citations, this local traffic increases your local ranking and overall proximity.

Local Citations

What is Possum 2.0 Software

Is your local business listing playing The Google Possum 2.0 update is an update to Google's local search rankings algorithm, and it decides when businesses will show up in local search results, sometimes filtering listings.Possum? if so I have the solution to get you more, of the local traffic, searching for your product or service. I designed the software to help a local business like yours, send the right local signals. This helps boost your local search map listings ranking. Although there are many factors to rank in the local map pack, I designed the Possum 2.0 software to help you increase your local reach, and get higher rankings.

  • Save Time: Fill out local citation forms, with a click of the mouse Possum.
  • Save Money: Send your NAP listing to the big citation aggregators for free.
  • Enhanced Listings: Free local Schema for your website to help Google return enhanced results.
Local SEO Marketing Software

Local SEO Marketing Resources

Local SEO seeks to increase the awareness of searching for businesses serving their neighborhoods. They may be retail companies that work in a particular geographical area, such as electricians or carpet cleaning establishments. It covers everything from the requirement for a company page to the promise that the business site will be listed in a nearby Google search. It also involves the monitoring of online reviews, comments, local social media activity, and other events.

Google My Business Pro Tips.
I will personally review your GMB listing and website and make reccomendations of needed changes or add ons.
Local Keyword Generator.
I will save you hundreds of dollars and days of research. Find out what keywords your customers are using.
Local Citations Tracker.
Based on your businesses location we will provide you valuable local citation opportunities and software to track them.
Locations Micro Site.
Increase your local business rankings, by sending powerful local signals back to Google local search.
Ultimate GMB Post Tips.
Take advantage of GMB post by utilizing the SEO benifit they offer, make your post stand out from the crowd and get more local traffic.
Local Signals Generator.
Create or share a popular article and share on social media, sending powerful local signals to boost your proximity.

Local SEO Questions

What is Local Maps Marketing?

Almost everyone who is seeking for a certain destination or address uses maps and in-car navigation. Furthermore, online maps are commonplace tools in almost every mobile device. People use local maps to locate companies, purchase goods or services, locate specific attractions, and explore a geographical area. Ensuring your local business appears on these various maps is crucial to your success.

How To Rank In Google Maps?

Obtaining a top position, commonly known as the 3-pack, on Google Maps can significantly increase your traffic and visibility. Let's look at how you may rank higher on Google Maps and outperform your competitors:

  • Make sure you select the appropriate categories — the categories offered may not be appropriate for your business. Make an effort to match your major keyword with your primary category. Google your main term along with a large city and copy the most prevalent ones. Also, make use of the secondary category feature to broaden your reach.

  • Create local citations and solicit reviews - Use Possum 2.0 Software to assist you in obtaining citations for your business. When it comes to citations, directories, review sites, associations, and other aggregators are your best friends.

  • Obtain local social signals - Social media is becoming increasingly vital for ranking in Google local search. Make use of the major social media platforms to gain shares, likes, and comments from local individuals and companies. This will make you a well-known member of the community.

  • Create press releases - Having a press release devoted to your company demonstrates that you are a professional and an authority in your field. There are numerous press release services available online, and they are reasonably priced. When you deploy new features or promote special offers, you should ideally issue a press release.

Local SEO Marketing Services

GMB Optimization
$197.83 *month
  • I will optimize your Google My Business listing, and send traffic to improve your local map pack rankings.

  • Includes:
  • (1) Weekly GMB Post.
  • (1) Monthly Q&A.
  • (5) Embeded Google Maps Citations
  • *Special Bonus for Qualified Listings.
Citation Booster
$295.54 *month
  • I will create 25 citations + Aggregators. I will send traffic to your citations, to improve your local map pack rankings.

  • Includes:
  • (3) Monthly Citation Backlinks.
  • Citation Paid Promotion (Traffic).
Hybrid Local SEO
  • Be number one in the Google map pack, tomorrow. The most advanced Local SEO Marketing package available.

  • Includes:
  • GMB Optimization Package.
  • Citation Booster Package.
  • Map Ads Campaign.
  • Dashboard.
  • (3) Location Pages: Increase Your Business Proximity in local search.
*Pricing disclaimer: Our pricing is based on a three month term commitment, and fulfillment can take up to (30) days depending on current system load.